SOAR Foundation College Scholarship Program


(1)       Scholarship Recipient:


The program is designed for SOAR high/vocational school graduates admitted to the universities and provincial colleges. Non-SOAR graduates must be recommended by SOAR  nominators, then reviewed and approved by SOAR Scholarship Committee. 


(2)       Scholarship Amount:


Each student receives in RMB equivalent to at least seven hundred U.S. dollars ($700) per year with increments up to $1000 for a period of one to four years (or depending on years required for graduation). Sponsors may elect to support his/her selected students till graduation.


(3)  Application Procedures:


SOAR graduates: Submit admission notice, certificate of enrollment, economic hardship letter to SOAR Beijing office.


Non-SOAR graduates: Must be recommended first by SOAR approved nominators, then submit the application form, autobiography, letters of recommendation (at least two), admission notice, certificate of enrollment, economic hardship letter to SOAR Beijing office.


(4)  Awardees Selection: 


Every year SOAR will publish on its website, a list of qualified SOAR or non-SOAR high/vocational school graduates admitted to the public universities and provincial colleges. Sponsors may select students from the list on a first come first select basis until the list is exhausted. If sponsors only make the contribution without selecting the students, then the awardees will be selected by the SOAR.


(5) Awarding Procedure


After sponsors inform SOAR Scholarship Committee of their student selection(s), and when their contribution is received, SOAR College Scholarship Sub-Committee will notify the recipients and proceed with the scholarship distribution process.  As long as the sponsors do not change the recipient designation, and send in the contribution in time each year, SOAR will continue review and award the scholarship to the designated student(s).


(6) Renewal Requirement:


Each school year, recipients must turn in his/her certificate of enrollment, the transcript of the previous school year, (both must be sealed), and his/her financial hardship letter to SOAR Beijing office in September.






(7) Deadline:


      Renewal deadline is October 15 of each year.  Late in submitting the renewal documents will result in the automatic termination of the scholarship.



(8) Termination


1.      If a recipient is suspended by the school, leaves school, falls below the minimum credit hour requirement, or fail more than one third of the credit hours taken. SOAR will terminate the scholarship and notify the sponsor.


2.      If recipient fails to turn in the renewal documents such as "the certificate of enrollment" "transcript" and "financial hardship application" when required by SOAR, or fails to return the “Scholarship receiving confirmation”, SOAR will terminate the scholarship and notify the sponsor. 


3.      If the sponsor wishes to change his/her designated scholarship recipient, or stops sending the committed funding, SOAR will terminate that scholarship, notify the recipient and provide assistance if needed.


(9) Implementation Date:


      The program was introduced in November 2006 and revised in June 2013, and again in March 2016.