SOAR Foundation Named Scholarship Program

I.  Title of Scholarship: The SOAR Foundation - "Title” (assigned by sponsor) Scholarship.

II. Qualified Scholarship Recipients:

1) High/Vocational School Scholarship: Underprivileged and outstanding high/vocational school students selected by SOAR annually.

2) College Scholarships: 1. SOAR high/vocational school graduates enrolled in universities or provincial colleges. 2. Underprivileged and outstanding non-SOAR high/vocational school graduates recommended by SAOR nominators, then reviewed and approved by SOAR scholarship committee.

3) Vocational College Scholarship: Same as those for College Scholarships.

III. Pledge Requirements: Minimum contribution requirements are: to donate at least five scholarships per year based on the following options; and sign the “SOAR Named Scholarship Agreement” with the SOAR Foundation.

1) High/Vocational School Scholarships: four hundred U.S. dollars per student per year for three years.

2) College Scholarships: at least five hundred U.S. dollars per student per year for four years (or the number of years required for graduation). Donors may increase the number of students, or the amount of each scholarship.

3) Vocational College Scholarships: one thousand U.S. dollars per student per year for the first and second year, and five hundred U.S. dollars for the third year

IV.SOAR Foundation will establish an expenditure reports for each named scholarship, and provide student status for sponsors to review.

V. Recipients will receive the letter of encouragement related to the sponsoring Named Scholarship in the first year. For sponsors who support ten or more students, they may request to send a letter to the students each year.

VI. If there are specific issues of concern, sponsors are encouraged to discuss them with the SOAR scholarship committee for satisfactory resolutions.

SOAR encourages sponsors to establish named scholarship in areas with active SOAR nominators, and hopes to collaborate with the sponsors to ensure the scholarship’s long-term, continuous nature.

This program has been implemented since July 2013.